A name that certain what you expect and never.

One Number
One Belief

A 1997, Omega Sofa has aged for more than 15 years with its specialization in designing, developing and mass-producing of upholstery sofas that living a belief. It is not one but a combination of great souls and works to make an exceptional piece.

Backed with ISO 9001:2008, we are a sofa maker works more than standard. The commitment and the essences of evolution and innovation have led us to continue improvement which is portrayed in our fine craftsmanship. A good product isn't what we see in eyes, is what we see behind. Our persistence over the years has been bringing us to who we are today.

A beauty of sofa is not about fads and fashion, it is style. The blend of trend with our very own traits communicate the human attitude to life, we define what's beyond the beauty.

Giving the best Malaysia pride

  • Malaysia Pride
  • ISO Cert
  • MIFF 2013 Best Presentation Award
  • Top 50 Team Award Cert
  • MIFF 2011 Best Presentation Award

Leading the brand Leading the brand

Making the sofa

Our Facilities

  • Total Land Area: 400,000 square feet
  • Manufacturing Area: 100,000 square feet
  • Showroom Area: 30,000 square feet
  • Office Area: 3,000 square feet

Production Capacity

  • 45' x 40' HC per month

Serving the world

And when your heart talks,
let sofa says about you...
Every piece lived by an inspiration. It is not just sofa, it is a way to express yourself.
Follow your heart. Makes that little thing your way of life.
Value Never Dies
You, yes we mean you. You deserved the world-class content article
to make every sitting counts. Without value, sofa is nothing.
The Leather

As a quality producer, we concern the leather quality more than anyone else. We proudly present "Mastrotto Italia (Gruppo Mastrotto SPA)" the premium leather to extend the core of quality standards that is certified worldwide.

Story of Genuine Leather

Leather is a natural skin/product. Minor color and texture deviations are possible. Each piece of leather has its uniqueness and natural distinctive characteristics. From growth marks, scar, natural injuries, wrinkles, insect bites and veins are typical characteristic that have given the leather the originality.

The Craftsmanship

With a focus on authenticity and quality, we produce unique pieces that are as true to form as they are to function, reflecting a refined sense of luxury.

- OMEGA SOFA preserves the tradition of "Outlining" and "Hand Cutting" to greatly complement the natural values to each portion of sofa.

- High performance sewing machines are key to make beautiful and durable stitches. Quality sewing perfectly outlines the design without compromising lastingness.

The Quality

Attitude. Principles. Assurance.

- Our fine selection of materials unleash the glamour and excellence from inside out. High-grade substances are one and only.

- We monitor the preciseness to guarantee defectless.

- We import high quality polyester fiber to strengthen the leather. Additional work and time devoted for this process has granted OMEGA SOFA sofas a more luxurious appearance and sitting comfort.

We Care
What You Care
You have come this far then let us continue.
Giving it a little bit of care and attention,
your favourite piece will have a long
happy life.

A. Cleaning

- Regularly brush and vacuum cleaning will minimize the accumulated dirt that will cause premature wear and dull the colours.

- DO NOT soak leather and use saddle soap, solvents, oil, varnishes, abrasives or detergents to clean leather.

- Use upholstery leather polish to maintain the shiny, texture and colours of the genuine leather.

- Never rub too hard to remove stain as leather pores might be blocked and marks might be appeared on the surface of leather.

Direct sunlight/Heat

B. Direct Sunlight / Heat

DO NOT expose your upholstery leather sofa to direct sunlight, excessive heat and sharp objects.


C. Maintenance

Often patting on the areas of the sofa seat and corner part, this will prolong the lifespan of sofas as leather elasticity is well maintained.

the Spotlight
Come closer. A place to witness our creations through your senses.
  • CIFF 2018
    Date : 18-21 March 2017 Venue: PaZhou, GuangZhou, China Hall No.: Hall 2.1 / Booth No.: 2.1 D-12
  • CIFF 2017
    Date : 18-21 March 2017 Venue: PaZhou, GuangZhou, China Hall No.: Hall 3.1 / Booth No.: 3.1 D-08
  • MIFF 2016
    Date : 1-5 March 2016 Venue: PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Hall No.: Hall 1 / Booth No.: 113
  • CIFF 2016
    Date : 18-21 March 2016 Venue: PaZhou, GuangZhou, China
    Hall No.: Hall 3.1 / Booth No.: 3.1 D-08
  • EFE 2015
    Date : 4-7 March 2014 Venue: KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • MIFF 2014
    Date : 4-8 March 2014
    Venue: PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • MIFF 2013
    Date : 5-9 March 2013
    Venue: PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • IMM 2013
    Date : 14-20 January 2013
    Venue: Koelnmesse GmbH, Cologne, Germany
  • EFE 2012
    Date : 7-11 March 2012
    Venue: MAEPS, Serdang, Malaysia
A Connection
Linking your needs and wants to us.
No. 863, (Lot 609 & 839),
Juru MK 12,
14000 Bukit Mertajam,
Penang, Malaysia.
+604 508 4232 (hunting),
508 4234, 508 4235
+604 508 7233
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