Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

In order to serve our respective clients in a timely manner, we have incorporated the Cloud based system whereby every sales personnel could access this system anywhere in the world. One do not need to key in all required information for existing clients. Orders could be made immediately and production could kick start as soon as possible. The system also keeps track of previous and current order records. This is to ease our sales personnel in following up and servicing our valued clients.

Prompt Response

All enquiries and/or complaints (if any) will be replied within one working day. No one likes to wait, not to mention, left without responses or feedbacks. We truly acknowledge these as we are customers ourselves. We ensure all enquiries and/or complaints are attended respectively.

After Sales Product Training

At Omega Sofa, our services do not end upon your payments. We care for you and our goal is to build a long lasting business relationship. Thus, we provide product trainings to your respective personnel. We strive for a win-win situation whereby you are happy with the sales of our products while we are pleased as you are satisfied.

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