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Our Story

Year 1997 was a remarkable year for us as we embarked on our journey of sophistication, quality and assurance. Being one of the pioneers in the industry, we put our heart and soul in providing nothing but the best of upholstery products. Back by ISO 9001:2015 ; further proven and acknowledged by the many awards we have won; quality is the least you have to worry about, thanks to our dedicated team.

The Ultimate Craftsmanship

Besides continuous research and development in sofa manufacturing, utilizing the latest technology the market could offer, we never forget the importance of the human touch. After all, it is a product developed for human, by human. We hand sketch, cut and sew the leathers. In fact, before using the machine to check on the quality of the leather, we require our checkers to touch and feel each and every piece of the leather. Any coarseness and/or bare eye spotted color fade and out the leather goes.

The Innovative Design

We believe design for the sake of designing is pointless, Design has to come with substance and in this case, function. Thus, you will recliners, audio systems integrated into our sofas.

The Assurance of Quality

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represent the wise choice of many alternatives” –  William A.Foster

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